Thangsuopuon: The Most Popular Traditional Shawl of the Hmar tribe

Thangsuopuon is the most popular Hmar traditional shawl. ‘Thangsuopuon’ comes from two words ‘thangsuo’ meaning ‘one who has accomplished a task’ and ‘Puon’ which means ‘shawl’. Thus, the shawl is meant for people who have achieved a certain degree of success or achievement in life.

It is used by the tribe to honour the brave hunters and warriors in the early days. Today, it is also used to felicitate people who had achieved success in different fields like career, marriage, exams, and so forth. However, in recent times, Thangsuopuon has become more or less synonymous with funeral service.

It is commonly used to drape the coffin to honour the deceased before final funeral rites are performed. Photo:

Thangsuopuon Hmar Shawl 1


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  • Sangnunmawi
    8 years ago Reply

    Beautiful. Can someone shed light on when the design originated?

  • Chhanchhana Hmar ZOTE
    5 years ago Reply

    ṭmawi de w….

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