‘Pawi’ also known as ‘Bean Pod’ is found in the forests of Hmar Hills

A couple of ‘Pawi Kawm’  (Bean Pod) are seen in this image contributed by Pu Andrew N Sanate. The Pawi seeds are woody and heart-shaped. It is used by the Hmar people in various traditional games like ‘Pawi Inkap’/Pawi kapa’, ‘Pawi Her Vir’ etc. The woody vines of a Bean Pod is strong and sturdy making it a favourite material for pulling huge log of wood by villagers. The vines are also used for a swing by children.

Pawi Kawm by Andrew N Sanate

Pawi Kawm by Andrew N Sanate




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  • James Tonsing
    10 years ago Reply

    Thank you. I was looking for its english name all these many years

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