Tapsak: The traditional fireplace of the Hmar tribe

Tap or Tapkil is a fireplace in Hmar language. It is a place where the womenfolk prepared food for the entire family. And, during winter it is one of the favourite spots in the house for both young and old people.



‘Tapsak’ is the fireplace in Hmar traditional huts and is the common feature in every house in Hmar Hills. Besides being a place for preparing meals for the entire family, Tapsak by virtue of its warmth is synonymous with romance. It is also courting place where many young men and women ignite their love stories. In short, when you are in Tapsak you can cook both love and food. Photo contributed by: Lts Tusing.





  • Zalam
    10 years ago Reply

    hahaha… it reminds me of the good old days when i first met my future wife.

  • Lalsandam Zate
    10 years ago Reply

    The management of this website deserves a prize. Why is HSA, HYA, HCO, Hmar Inpui not recognizing the efforts of those people who have highlighted so many things about the Hmar people to the entire world? If we start recognizing them, i’m think more people will be encourage to contribute towards the Hmar society.

    Keep up the good work. I root for Hmarram.com for this unique project.

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