Photo Contest #2 Result Announced Photo Contest #2  Answer is: Nehemia Prayer Mountain in Muolvaiphei, Churachandpur, Manipur.

Since, Team is satisfied with the answers provided by four people viz, Lalremlien Neitham, Ceebie Buhril, Joyful Thiek and Paul Saint a decision was taken last night to pick the winner who will get Rs 300 prize. (We are sorry for the delay in the announcement of the result as we were totally into the Confederations Cup final match between Brazil and Spain)

A lottery draw was held on Monday afternoon here in Bangalore and the lucky winner is Joyful Thiek!


Note: Please send your bank a/c details to with subject: Hmarram Contest Winner within 1 week to claim your prize. If no claim is made within the stipulated time, the prize will go towards maintenance of and other sites.

PS: IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN SPONSORING THE PRIZE FOR FUTURE CONTESTS, YOU CAN DO IT IN YOUR NAME, YOUR LOVED ONES OR ANY OTHER. Simply send an email to with subject: I Want to Sponsor Photo Contest and we can discuss the matter.




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  • Ceebie Buhril
    11 years ago Reply

    Joy ei ni ruolthra ei ni tho…. A lawmman hi 50-50 in insem ei ti aw. Hahahaha

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