Uisa (Dog Meat) aka ‘fragrant meat’ or ‘mutton of the earth’

Dog meat is called ‘Uisa”, ‘Ui’ meaning dog and ‘sa’ meaning ‘meat’. Uisa is considered a delicacy my many and if prepared as per the Hmar traditional cooking method called – chartang, lovers of this this are of the opinion that “no other meat can match it”. While it may be disliked by some, the tradition of eating ‘uisa’ is very much prevalent in the Hmar community and some people are known to be breeding the animal purely for its meat.


‘Uisa chartang’ being prepared in a pot. Photo by Nehemia Khawbung


Elders say that when two villages settle a dispute, they would kill a dog at the boundary separating the settlements and then they would prepare a feast and dine together. This oral tradition, however, is contested by some who are of the opinion that dog meat is never to be used for celebrating happy occasions.

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