Damdiei Village – A Scenic Wonderland

Damdiei, a village in Pherzawl District, was founded in 1976. Although it may be one of the youngest villages in Pherzawl District, it is also one of the fastest growing. It comprises approximately 140 houses. The National Highway 150 (Tipaimukh Road) cuts through the village, serving as an important economic linkage between Mizoram and Manipur. Another economic boon is that bananas thrive here. The village hosts natural wonders such as two lakes – ICI Lake (dil) and Neikhup Lake (puk) – and one cave, the Damdiei Cave (puk). The climate is cold, and the water is fresh and good, located between mountains. The Damdiei River passes through the village, earning its name from this feature. It is situated 10 kilometers from Pherzawl village, the district headquarters.

A ‘welcome board’ to Damdiei village


A wide view of Damdiei, enclosed by lush greenery.


Neikhup Lake (dil)




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