Rengkai, a bustling Hmar town

Rengkai, a Hmar town situated in a state bordering Myanmar in North East India, is the most populous town in the district, with a population of at least 8293 people (2011 census). It holds the status of a “census town” and the name ‘Rengkai’ translates to “King’s Shore.” The town was established in the year 1938, with Kailien serving as its first village chief. The current village chief is J.C. Chongkholien. The town comprises 18 localities and serves as a significant hub for influencing political elections in the district.

Rengkai Leilak (credit: Alan Famhoite)

Characterized by vast greenery, it is traversed by the Tuithapui, a local river. The renowned “Rengkai Bridge,” locally known as “Rengkai Leilak,” spans across the Tuithapui, adding to the town’s infrastructure and connectivity. The town features a vast paddy field where tons of rice are harvested annually. Abundant freshwater from the Tuithapui River supports fishing activities, yielding a variety of fish. Additionally, it boasts a large playground known simply as “Rengkai Field,” where tournaments such as the “Rengkai Premier League” or “Hmar Martyrs Trophy” are occasionally held. Rengkai is a bustling town characterized by a mix of commercial and residential buildings. The prominent “Rengkai Road” extends from the town towards the district police station, connecting to the National Highway “Teddim Road.”

The Hmar Students Association, General Headquarters, is located here. Notable educational institutions including The Pathway School, Rengkai Higher Secondary School, Douglas Memorial High School, and colleges like Evangelical College of Theology are situated within the town. Additionally, it boasts a large community hall where various events such as “Rengkai Day” are organized almost every year. The Independent Church of India stands as a significant landmark at the heart of the town center. Adjacent to the Sugnu Road, a state highway that bisects Rengkai, is the Vishal mega mart. Notable hubs within the town include Life Cafe, Joute Building, J.C. Tawnlien Building, Ronald Store, Special Zarda, Joute Photoshop, RHSS Canteen, Akimbo, Lientlangpui Computers, and more.

Rengkai community hall


Rengkai ICI




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