Hmar Peoples’ Convention (HPC) Surrender 1994 Photos

20 YEARS BACK: Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla (left) inspects the weapons laid down by the Hmar Peoples’ Convention rebels (right) after their homecoming event in Aizawl, 1994. The signing of the peace deal with the Hmar militants was one of the key decisions taken by the Congress government which promised to create an autonomous development council for the Hmars, one of the largest Mizo tribes, in northeastern region of the state. However, the non-implementation of the accord along with the politicization of the council’s leadership have fueled another spade of insurgency by a new faction called the Hmar Peoples’ Convention (Democratic), Sinlung Tigers (which has been dismantled) and other civilian movements. The Hmar question in Mizoram has been left unattended for over 20 years now since the signing of the peace deal.

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Latest Update on May 13, 2021: The HPC (D) and the state government inked the Memorandum of Settlement on April 2, 2018.






  • Samuel Zarzolien Hmar
    10 years ago Reply

    I am very very lungleng. Thank you for publishing this issue. This issues should not have been allowed to linger for such a long long period. Let me also say that I personally think websites like this deserve to be given recognition by the Hmar Inpui, the HSA and the HYA to encourage more people to take up the cause of the Hmar people.

    • Ngaizuol Pulamte
      10 years ago Reply

      I support 100%

  • Ngaizuol Pulamte
    10 years ago Reply

    Khawsawt um vang vang de aw aaaa.

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