Sielmat Hmar Youth Association Hall

Sielmat “Zawlbuk” renamed “Hmar Youth Association Hall” in 2015. The decision was taken after Hmar Inpui and Hmar Youth Association leadership held talks with Sielmat local leaders.

Work on the community hall next to Sielmat Playground started in the late 1980s and it was completed in early 1990s.

Sielmat HYA Hall

Sielmat HYA Hall. Photo by Jr Amaw


It was here, in 1994, the Hmar community in Tuithaphai valley converged to celebrate the Sinlung Hills Development Council Accord that was signed between the Hmar Peoples’ Convention rebels and the Government of Mizoram. The slogan was “Ram ei nei tah! (We have a homeland now!)”




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