Lelte Award winner 2015 Emma Pachuau ‘Sîngkhuol D’ Mengmawi’ [VIDEO]

Among the winners of the 24th Lelte Awards was Nk. Emma Puii Pachuau of Rengkai, Churachanpur (Manipur) in the Chibil Category (Hmar). The awards ceremony was held inAizawl on April 16, 2015.

The Lelte Awards 2015 Winners.

1.Male Singer of the Year

2.Female Singer of the Year
DJ Lalvenhimi

3.Male Gospel Singer of the Year
TC Zaithanpuia

4.Female Gospel Singer of the Year
Pensy B.Lalthangliani

5. Traditional Singer of the Year
Lalbiakhluii Pachuau

6.Choir of the Year
The Leprosy Mission Choir

7.Band of the Year
Triau Trackx

8.Musician of the Year
Ephraim Malsawma

9.Composer of the Year

10. Song of the Year
‘Di Hlui’ Composed by Laldana, Sang by Lalnunsanga

11.Album of the Year Audio/Visual (Lengzem/Lenglawng)
‘Phu LohDi Zun’ / ‘Sailongurpui’ – Famkima

12. Album of the Year Audio/Visual (Gospel)
Parema Hlate (Varous Artistes) by R.Lalremruata (Parema)

13.Non-Mizo Audio/Visual Album of the Year
‘Nangmah Naih Chin Ka Duh’ by Bethsy Lalrinsangi

14. Comedian of the Year
C.Lalngaihzuala (Mastea)

15. Music Promoter of the Year
Vanlalruata Tochhawng

16. New Artiste of the Year
Gospel : Lency Remlalhruaii
Lengzem/Lenglawng : Essy

17. Best Music Video (Lengzem/Lenglawng)
Min hlan lai khan – Biakmuana

18. Best Music Video (Gospel)
Nitinin Hmangaihzual che ka duh – Pensy B.Lalthangliani

19. Best Music Video (Group)
Zokhawtleitir – Mission Veng North Branch YMA Zaipawl

20.Best Music Video (Band)
Dawn ti sei tura’n – Dreamhunter

21 Best Music Video (Khawhar Hla)
Rihtlang min liam san le – Lallawmawma

21. Best Music Video (Hnam Hla/Traditioanl)
Sailongurpui – Famkima

22. Chibil Award Dawng Turte
Thahdo/Kuki:Mahao Kipgen – Tuinom, Churachanpur
Paite:Chingngaihlian, New Lamka, Churachanpur
Hmar : Emma Puii Pachuau, Rengkai, Churachanpur
Lai : Gloria Ṭial Rem Cin, Tahan – Myanmar

23. Life Time Achievement Award
Laltlanthangi Pachuau

24. Young Achiever Award
Jeje Lalpekhlua

25. Special Award

26. Enterpreneur Award
North-East Consultancy Services (NECS)




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