Tuiruong vadung (Barak river)

This beautiful view is taken some 400-500 metres from Ruonglevaisuo, the confluence of Tuivai and Tuiruong rivers, in Hmar Hills. The river divides the Hmar tribe to the right in Manipur and to the left in Mizoram.





  • James
    11 years ago Reply

    Wooseeee awesome photo. Robert, please keep it up. We need good websites like this to showcase the beautiful Hmar Hills.

  • Pritam
    11 years ago Reply

    Lovely place. How far is this place from Kolkata?

  • Rahul
    11 years ago Reply

    Hey Rob, You are doing a great service. I believe this is the first time this area has been highlighted as a place that looks good for one of the best holiday spots in India. If you are planning to go next time, remember i must be on the team. 🙂

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