Hmar Buman Bei Zeu (Sticky Rice Cake)

Buman bei is a sticky rice cake quite popular with the Hmar people. There are varieties of rice used for preparing rice cakes. Some of them are Treisanghar, Ido (?), Kawnglawng etc.

Finely-powdered special rice is prepared as dough. The dough is then wrapped properly with wild banana leaf and put in a pot filled with adequate amount of water. It is them cooked for hours until it is ready for consumption.

Buman Zeu Sticky Rice Cake

Buman Bei Zeu – Deep fry sticky rice cake.

The sticky rice cake is eaten usually in its sticky form, but the more adventurous ones love to deep fry them (as shown in the photo).

Buman Zeu Sticky Rice Cake le khuizu

A deep-fry sticky rice cake tastes really good with pure honey.




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