10 Years… Hmarram.com Online Magazine of the Hmar Tribe

Woa.. times do fly so fast… We even forgot to mark the 10th Anniversary 😉

On a more serious note, Hmarram.com, which started as a give-back service to my community, is now the longest surviving Hmar website!

10-plus years on, since the domain was registered, the website underwent many changes – structurally and content-wise – but, it continues to highlight the community’s socio-economic, cultural and historical issues through photo features.

Since the main aim of this website was to introduce the Hmar community and their way of life to a worldwide audience, English language was selected to convey the stories. The website gets visitors from countries all over the world.

Like many webmasters, there were many hurdles, including the yearly maintenance cost of web hosting and domain renewals. But, I’m glad to say that we somehow managed to spare a few thousand rupees to keep the website up and running.

On this occasion, here’s a sincere thanks to all those who have contributed technically to the making of this website – Pu Nelson Varte (former chief of Hmarrunpui.com ) and Tv Lalremlien Neitham (former chief of Hmar.in) – and to everyone who contributed photos/videos to create this information-rich website.

Lalmalsawm Sungte, founder Hmarram.com
Date: June 9, 2020.

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