7 Hmar Cultural Heritage Sites in Pherzawl District

This video documentary covers seven Hmar cultural sites in the Pherzawl District of Hmar Hills in the ‘Outer Manipur’ constituency. There are many more sites like Ruonglevaisuo (in Parbung Sub-Div), Lalruong Lungkap, Lalruong Taikuong, Paruolpasarih Lung, etc in Vangai Sub-Division which are not covered in this documentary. Watch the video and share.

i) Lungthu Lien Pathum:

These extraordinarily big trivets were erected by Hmar forefathers on the outskirts of the present Lungthulien village at around 1852. At the beginning, Hmar’s forefathers first settled at Khurpui village and later on shifted to the present Lungthulien village which came to be named after these big trivets.

ii) Vawmpalung:

This rocky cliff is called Vawmpalung where the two lovers Vawmpa and Vawmnu once took shelter and shared their happiest moments oblivious of their village folks. They fell from this high rocky cliff and died together below, never to part in life after death.

i) Pasalṭha Lungdaw:

Here laid a Parbung warrior and hero
Who died during the war between
Eastern and Western warriors.
Knowing not the art of writing and reading,
Images and pictures were simply engraved
On this memorial stone.

ii) Lunglêng Lung:

A Rock of melancholic:
This is a mountain of melancholia,
Whosoever climbed on this mountain,
Cannot but feel melancholic,
So they used to scribble something
On the rock below.
So it is called a Rock of Melancholia.


i) Zawllung: This Zâwllung is also called Sikpui Lung. It was erected for the drummer and the chanter of the Sikpui song to sit when the Sikpui Festival was celebrated by the Zopui people in 1897. Sikpui Kût is the most important Festival which is celebrated by the Hmar people only.

ii) Lungsum: This Lungsum (stone-mortar) at this old Zopui village was carved out of a solid rock which was used for husking rice for the Sikpui Festival. A Hmar family could not afford to have this kind of stone mortar. So it is believed that this lungsum was made specifically for this great festival.

iii) Chawnlût Lungphun: This monument was erected to show that Chawnlût Lungṭâu was a Thangsuo. The Thangsuo title was conferred only upon an extraordinary person who hunted down a certain number of wild animals or a successful person who performed sesun inchawng (a ceremonial killing of a mithun to feed his community). According to Hmar’s traditional belief, only Thangsuos had direct entry into paradise.

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