Hmar megaliths at Chawngtlai in Mizoram

On June 1, 2007,  Lelte Weekly editor Pu C. Dinthanga and Manmasi Digest editor Pu Timothy Z. Zote visited this place located at Chawngtlai in Champhai District to inspect the stones in which you can see pictorial drawings.
Chawngtlai VC chairman said that these stones were brought by the villagers from the outskirts of the village, about 3 km away, and installed at the present spot.
“We brought them from a nearby jungle about three kilometers from our village. We are sure that they are the works of early Hmar settlers,” said the village council chairman.
Chawngtlai is located in the west of Khawzawl, a village founded by the Hmars.

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