Memorandum by Hmar villagers over Jiribam District

The Hmar inhabited villages in the newly created Jiribam District of Manipur have expressed their desire to join Pherzawl District.

In a memorandum to the Government of Manipur, the chiefs, village authorities and the Hmar Students Association made it clear that their request be accepted in order to protect tribal rights.

A signboard put up by the people.


The memorandum is given below.



HON’BLE CHIEF MINISTER, 12th December 2016


BY: Village Chiefs, Hmar National Union Block-6, Hmar Inpui Co-ordination Committee, Hmar Students’ Association, Jiri-Vangai Jt. Hq. for INCLUSION OF 13 (THIRTEEN) VILLAGES OF JIRIBAM DISTRICT UNDER PHERZAWL DISTRICT

Honourable Sir,

It is with great expectations that we, the undersigned, take the honour of submitting this Memorandum.

Sir, the creation of 7 new districts in Manipur vide Order No. 25/6/2010-IAS/DP, 8th December 2016 issued by Office of the Governor, Government of Manipur and the same issued by Competent Authority in Manipur Gazette (Extraordinary), No. 16/20/2016-R, 8th December 2016 is, no doubt, met with mixed response by the people of Manipur. Some are undoubtedly rejoicing over the order as it is a realization of their lifelong dreams and aspirations. Meanwhile, some people are faced with a dilemma- some politically driven but some sincere and genuine concerns for their very survival and protection of their rights. We believe we fall in the latter category.

While conveying to you our profound thanks and gratitude on behalf of the Hmar community of Jiribam for the creation of Pherzawl district, we unfortunately cannot do the same in the case of Jiribam for many legitimate and pressing concerns. These concerns have already been voiced to your kind self several times through numerous memorandums and letters delivered through proper channel and which we shall deign to not elaborate any more in this Memorandum as we are confident that your kind self is already very much familiar.

That Sir, given such overriding concerns and your Government’s reluctance to give it proper and fair hearings; and knowing the dire strait we have been forced into under the new Jiribam district (Revenue) in as far as protection of our rights and privileges as scheduled Tribes are concerned, we reluctantly but resolutely request that the following villages currently falling under Jiribam district but geographically and ethnically contiguous with the Vangai area of Tipaimukh Sub-Division be included under Pherzawl district along with all their physical holdings:

1. Joironpokpi Village

2. Muolzawl

3. Soma Punjee (Gilgal)

4. Tuisuolien(Kaia Punjee)

5. B. Huonveng

6. Buthangkhal

7. Bekarasuo (Kaisel Punjee)

8. Dolakhal (Zamkham Punji)

9. Kotoikhal (Thangboi Punjee)

10. Chowdhurikhal aka Choudhurykhal

11. Mongbung Village

12. Sejang Village

13. Leisabithol Village

We look forward to a favourable response to our humble but legitimate request and prompt action taken toward that end.

Chairman Secretary

Hmar Inpui Co-ordination Committee United Chief Committee, Jiribam Jiribam

President Secretary

Hmar Students’ Association, Hmar National Union Block-6

Jiri-Vangai Jt. Hq

Copy to:

1. Hon’ble Chairman, Hill Area Committee, Government of Manipur

2. Concerned MLA

3. Chairman, District Boundary Commission

4. Guard File




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