The beauty of Hmar Hills camouflages the ugly state of affairs

A view of Parbung (extreme left-background) and Taithu (right-greener) hilltops from Damdiei village in Hmar Hills, Manipur state section. Captured this scene in January 2014 during our recent trip to the remote and neglected region of India’s northeast. The beautiful scenery is one side of the coin of this area where the roads in some stretches are like streams and government institutions in villages bear signs of total neglect and a failed administration in all departments. The people of the area are eagerly waiting for better roads, basic healthcare facilities, electricity, proper means of communication  besides quality education for the deprived section. The scenic beauty of Hmar Hills had captured many hearts making you and me fall in love with the very idea of ‘Hmarram’, but life is so hard that each day is a challenge here. There is a need to immediately lit up the ‘dark’ side of Hmar Hills. And, there is no right time than now!

Feb 3, 2014




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Jai Hmarram!