This is a collection of short stories written by noted Hmar author and writer (L) Pu L. Keivom, IFS.

Pu Keivom, Pu Elim and Pu Robert worked together to convert the book into an e-book back in 2010. It was distributed free of cost via (still accessible), (active) and (expired). While the copies of the ebook are still available on some websites, we are putting up the link here again to give a proper resting place. Works on the eBook of  “Zoram Khawvel” (1991) was also completed and shared with the public in 2010 when Zoram Khawvel website was launched (the website, unfortunately, is no longer active, but parts of it can be still seen via Web Archive).

To read NUN RAM on your mobile phone, download Android Moon Reader App and then download the ebook and read with the app.

Download Link: NUN RAM eBook

On your computer, download the file and open the file.

(Note: For PC/Windows users: If it shows blank pages, Try to right-click Nun Ram file and select properties. You will see an “Unblock” button. Click on it, it should solve your problem)

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