Sikpui Hla

Sikpui inthang kan ur laia,
Chang tuipui aw, senma hrili kan intan.
Ke ra lawn a, ka leido aw
Sunah sum ang, zana mei lawn invak e.
An tuor a sa, thlu a ruol aw,
In phawsiel le in ral feite zuong tho ro.
Sun ra zuola, ka leido aw
Laimi sa ang chang tuipuiin lem zova.
A varuol aw la ta che,
Suonglung chunga tuizuong put kha la ta che.

Prof. Lal Dena (2008) in saptawnga an let dana chun hieng hin:

While we are preparing for the Sikpui feast,
The big red sea becomes divided.
As we are marching forward fighting our foes,
We are being led by a cloud during day;
And by pillar of fire during night.
Our enemies, ye folk are thick with fury,
Come out with your shields and spears.
Fighting our foes all day,
We march along as cloud-fire goes afore.
The enemies we fight all day,
The big sea swallowed them like beast.
Collect the quails,
Drink the water that gushes out of the rock.

Belsapna: Hmarhai ta dinga hla pawimaw tak el ani a, Sikpui Ruoi huna a hlapui tak ani hlak leia, “Sikpui Hlapui” ti ko anih. Hi hla hi mak ve tak el ani a, pi le pu hai kha, Mosie’n Aigupta anthawka Israelhai a va sansuok huna Tuipuisen an tan thu, “sunah sum angin, zana mei angin” Pathienin a lo thuoi dan le inangin hi hla hi an lo insam annawle an lo sak hlak. Hihi lei hin, “Israel Hnam Inhmanghai” anga inngaina a pienga, unau Thadou-Kuki tienga B’Nei Menashe intihai lem chun hi hla hi ursun takin, thudik ngei anga ngaiin, an nina (identity) sut pektu angin an ngaiin, hi hla hi a pawimaw zie a suklang hle.

Link Inzawmpui: Sikpui Ruoi

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