Mizoram and Its Government: My Observation

(This post is retrieved from Mizonews.net 3/19/2014. It was penned by H. Zosangbera to explain the state of his mind into various circumstances leading to-and-post his arrest by the Mizoram Police.)

By H Zosangbera, HPC(D) chairman.

We were jailed in Mizoram when the political dialogue between the Government of Mizoram and the Hmar Peoples Convention (Democratic) – HPC (D) – was on. The Government of Mizoram told the delegates of the HPC (D) that our cases were outside their jurisdiction; that it was the affairs of the judiciary and there was not much room for political intervention.

However, political actors were fiddling with our cases as and how they like it. Actually, they cannot help themselves from poking with our make-up cases. Unfortunately, we don’t have upright magistrate like Pu KL Liana; the suppressed lot will take a long time to have a glimpse of the fair side of justice. When justice fails to rule, man is left with too little to dream.

The Government of Mizoram intelligence watchdogs reported that we, the HPC (D), were devising to dismantle Mizoram’s peace and stability and to destroy Bairabi railroad, the only railway that enters Mizoram. The baseless charges and accusations were ordained to be our design and one Bru revolutionary leader who was also arrested in July 2011. The Government of Mizoram did not arrest us and the Bru leader at the same time.

However, we were booked similarly under IPC Section 121 (A). The Bru leader was not added with any other cases. With us, various indifferent cases were added from different police stations. The additional cases were too much that we almost lose our shoulder to carry them. Every possible event was converted into cases for us to fight.

In the absence of justice, the Government of Mizoram charged us for murder, murder attempt, and extortion. The cases were made-up; designed and plotted. Only by God’s grace we were not charged for the multiplying events of rape and prostitution in Mizoram.

What I could not digest till today is the fact that I was added with two more cases on the very day that the political dialogue was held and the Suspension of Operation (SoO) was agreed. I believe this to be a new record in our history. Mere talking without showing any obligation to the agreed deeds will not hatch any egg. I take this as an invite to challenge the government; forgetting the precious blood ties that we share since time immemorial. The unfortunate drama make it obvious that while the Government of Mizoram extend favor to the Brus; they were deliberately trying to distance and outside the Hmars from Mizo. They actually wanted us to do that. Does the Government of Mizoram suppose we were not capable of creating more chaos? Do they want us to forget our blood ties and act the otherwise?

One day when I present before the court from jail, a witness of the Government of Mizoram testified: “I was on my way from Mualpheng  to Saitual when a policeman, bearing Gorkhali face, asked me to deliver a red envelope to the VCP of Mualpheng. I did not know that it was a make-up extortion/demand letter from the HPC (D).

The magistrate knew about the testified truth. However, they managed to cover-up the testimony with every convenient blanket at their disposal. I don’t think the suppressed people will ever get a glimpse in the face of justice in our corrupt legal system. With our incorrigible mindset, truth and fairness fall short in our, otherwise, promising journey. There are too few good man to uphold the truth.

The hard truth is that my cadres never know of a place called Mualpheng. I thought I know a lot about Mizoram; but I only come to learn that Mualpheng comes under Saitual police station. Notwithstanding that, our cases were piled up from that unknown place too. What a surprise!

The morning I was released from jail, I was visited by about ten leaders from the Central Young Mizo Association (CYMA) at my daughter’s rented place in Thuampui, Aizawl. They raised about the HPC (D) act of dismantling the YMA from our demand area. They also brought a copy of the SoO document that the HPC (D) agreed with the
Government of Mizoram. I told my visitors that I just came out from jail and that I really have no clue with what goes in and out of our party in my absence. I also told them that if they require any clarification with the terms of the SoO document, they can do so with one of the signatories of the HPC (D). I gave them the contact number of the signatory.

As my visitors raised the issue of dismantling the YMA from our demand area, I took the opportunity as God’s given to intimate the reason behind our act. I told them, “The HPC (D) is happy that the CYMA declares their term’s theme to safeguard and protect our land and people. We wholeheartedly support the concern. However, the approaches adopted to pursue that goes against our interests. Therefore, as revolutionaries we did what we have to do to safeguard our land and people. Our act should rather situate all of us to reason things together.”

I could read that many of the visiting CYMA leaders cannot accept my point of view; but at least, few among them could digest the reason behind our act. The approaches adopted by the CYMA disunite and disintegrate the Mizo; we cannot silently see this through. For a long time, I served as Branch YMA president, which made me a life member awardee. I told them that the HPC (D) does not resent the YMA as big and as bad as they are making it out to be. It is just that some of the adopted approaches need to be set right.

Collective ennui and corruption has characterized the Mizo peoples’ identity. We are heading into directionless future; we failed to even see that we are heading the wrong direction. Our eyes are blinded; our reason polluted. We did not know that we require the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I should be careful lest I tread into the pulpit affairs. However, after more than thirty years of adopting the subject, “For God and our Land”, the vices are taking us over. We are all caught in the unseen trap. I want no one to take me wrong; but we need to examine ourselves. Enough is enough. Even the servants of the pulpit are  falling short of upholding the truth. With our feeble wisdom and uprightness we are trapped in Satan’s scheme of things. The fairest court of law will not stand up to uphold the truth. If only we repent, God’s guiding hand will reveal to us.

(*This is the first time the HPC(D) chairman has come out openly expressing his views about Mizoram government and how the Hmar issue in the state can be resolved peacefully. This news portal published the opinion piece in good faith and for the fact that there is no ban on any rebel leaders speaking/expressing their opinions to the media when they are under the Suspension of Operations agreement with the Central government. – Mizonews.Net Editor)




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